G4S Employment Support Services

Our Vision

G4S Employment Support Services knows that most of the services needed to support workless people into meaningful, progressive employment in the UK already exists. What has been missing is an effective structure for managing and coordinating that provision.

Through our delivery of the Work Programme, ESF Support for Families and Community Work Placements we have and are continuing to transform this landscape. We are:

  • Bringing high quality performance management to the delivery welfare-to-work delivery.
  • Operating a unique model for the delivery of welfare-to-work services that learns from mistakes made in previous Prime Contracting models, and builds on what works.
  • Bringing a unifying Management Information system, iSET that makes the performance of our supply chain transparent.

Please click here to read more about how we are delivering our Work Programme, ESF Support for Families and Community Work Placements contracts through an integrated network of specialist organistaions.

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“Our vision is to become the largest and most successful Prime Contractor of welfare-to-work services in the UK – supporting hundreds of thousands of people into sustained employment.”

Neil Malpas, Managing Director of G4S Employment Support Services