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How does the Work Programme affect you?

The Work Programme is the Government’s flagship initiative to support people into secure and lasting employment.  G4S Welfare to Work is delivering this programme of support through a network of organisations that offer high-quality services, and these organisations are already helping thousands of jobseekers unlock their potential and move into work.

G4S believes that the services you need to find a job already exist.  However, we know that many of these services are often confusing and difficult to access.  The Work Programme is an opportunity for us to coordinate these services so that they work for you. G4S has the experience, capability and vision to do this.

We will:

  • Employ the best organisations to help you find the right job. These are known as ‘Job Brokers’, and will ensure you have all the help you need with searching for jobs, writing CVs and application forms, interviews, skills coaching and much more.
  • Ensure that other specialist services are made fully available to you in order to help you secure employment. These services might include housing and debt advice, mental health support, childcare advice, drug and alcohol rehabilitation and vocational training.
  • Continue to support you once you have found employment, ensuring you have access to the help and advice you need to keep your job, and progress in your job. We will do this by employing a range of experts to offer you career advice, coaching, health services, mentoring, in-work training and mediation if your relationship with your employer becomes difficult.

Above all, we are committed to providing a professional, personalised and flexible service that fully understands your particular circumstances.  We believe this is the best way of finding the right job for you.

How does Community Work Placements affect you?

Community Work Placements is part of the Government’s new Help to Work initiative to provide additional, intensive support for people who face serious barriers to employment including a lack of recent work experience or low motivation. G4S Welfare to Work is delivering this programme through a network of expert, locally embedded organisations throughout the UK. These organisations will use their knowledge of their local community and existing relationships to generate a diverse range of work experience placements for participants of this programme.

G4S believes that work experience can be instrumental in building confidence, motivation and the skills needed to enter employment. We will generate high quality placements for jobseekers that will inspire this enthusiasm. Community Work Placements also includes specialist support from trained professionals that will support every jobseeker to find and apply for suitable jobs.

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