G4S Employment Support Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I do if I can’t make my appointment or have lost the letter?

A: Contact your local provider as soon as possible. The details for our providers in all the areas where G4S operate can be found here.

Q: How do I join the Work Programme?

A: If you are claiming Jobseekers Allowance, Jobcentre Plus will do it’s upmost to help you find lasting work. If they are unable to find you work after a few months, you can be referred to the Work Programme by your Jobcentre Plus advisor.  If you join the Work Programme in one of the areas where G4S operate, one of our partners will contact you either by phone or letter to arrange an induction and tell you about what services we offer.

Q: Can I join the Work Programme as a volunteer?

A:  Please click here to find out more about volunteering for the Work Programme

Q: What is an ‘information session’?

A: Information Sessions are designed for people who are eligible to join the Work Programme as a volunteer and would like to know more about how it works.  The session will inform you about what we have to offer and the extra services that are available through G4S.  It is entirely up to you how you want it to take place; 3 or 4 people would be the maximum group size but we also provide individual sessions if you prefer.

Q: How do I make a complaint?

A: As a G4S Customer on the Work Programme we aim to offer the very best service to help you find work.  We do recognise that, on occasion, you may not be entirely satisfied with the service you have received.  If you would like to make a complaint about the service you have received, G4S has established a Complaints Procedure for you to use.  Your entitlement to claim benefits will not be affected by making a complaint.  We will take your complaint seriously and the service you receive on the G4S Work Programme will similarly not be affected by making a complaint. G4S and your Provider(s) will work with you to come to a resolution agreeable to all concerned.

How can I complain?

A: You are able to make a formal complaint at any point during your time on the G4S Work Programme. You can make your complaint in the format which you feel most comfortable with, including:

  • Verbally – to your Personal Advisor
  • Via Email – Please email g4sworkprogramme@uk.g4s.com requesting a Customer Complaint Form. Once you have received the form, please complete it and either email it to g4sworkprogramme@uk.g4s.com or send it by post to: G4S Welfare to Work, Southside, 105 Victoria Street, London SW1E 6QT
    Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Warrington – Emma Mercer
    Kent, Surrey and Sussex – Charlene Turpin
    North East Yorkshire & The Humber – Ashley Wells
  • Through a third party
  • By Telephone – Please contact your Personal Advisor or the Operations Manager at your Provider

Who should I complain to?

In the first instance, you should raise any concerns to your Personal Advisor or the Operations Manager at your Provider. The Provider will acknowledge your complaint within 3 working days. The Provider will then develop a Plan of Response to deal with your complaint, and communicate this to you within 7 working days. The Plan of Response is an action plan and will detail the steps G4S or the Provider will take to resolve your complaint.

How do I escalate my complaint?

If you feel more comfortable complaining directly to G4S, or if you are unhappy with how your Provider dealt with your original complaint please contact your Regional G4S Customer Service Manager in your area, their contact details are listed above. They will acknowledge your complaint within 3 working days and review your initial complaint and the way it was handled. The Customer Service Manager will produce a Plan of Response within 7 working days to resolve the matter.

The Independent Case Examiner (ICE)

If you have complained to G4S and are still not happy with the response you have received, you can contact the Independent Case Examiner (ICE). ICE is impartial, and can mediate between both parties to come to a resolution. Please note that ICE will only investigate complaints that have gone through the above G4S process. Their contact details are:

Independent Case Examiner
PO Box 209, Bootle, L20 7WA
Phone: 0845 606 0777
Website: www.ind-case-exam.org.uk

For further information and contact details, please ask your Personal Advisor.

If your question is not answered above, please contact:

Email: g4sworkprogramme@uk.g4s.com

Q: What is your whistleblowing policy?

A: G4S Welfare to Work is committed to delivering quality public services according to high standards of ethics, honesty, accountability and openness. This Whistleblowing Policy is in place to encourage G4S staff, subcontractor staff and G4S Customers to raise any concerns around malpractice, improper conduct and unethical behaviour of any sort.

You can disclose any concerns easily through a whistleblowing hotline run by Expolink, an external, independent and specialist organisation. This is an entirely confidential and free service that operates 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

For G4S employees you can contact Expolink free on 0800 374199.

For subcontractor staff and G4S Work Programme Customers you can contact Expolink free on 0800 9159087.

Any criticism, harassment or victimisation of G4S employees or subcontractor staff who raise concerns under this policy will not be tolerated. G4S Customers who disclose any concerns under this policy will not find their benefits or service under the Work Programme affected.

For the full Policy please see here.

“The Work Programme is helping large numbers of people escape the misery of long-term unemployment and get back into sustainable jobs.”

–  Mark Hoban MP, Minister for Employment