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Greater Manchester, Cheshire & Warrington

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G4S ESS are proud to be delivering the Work Programme in Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Warrington. This area has a long history of industry along with thriving finance, media and business sectors, and we want to take advantage of these assets to support 45,000 people into secure and lasting employment.

G4S delivers this programme of support through a network of organisations that provide high-quality employment services. We have created a unique delivery model using a carefully selected group of providers across Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Warrington, whose front-line advisers have considerable expertise in supporting people into sustainable jobs.

Our ‘customer journey’ is delivered entirely through our subcontracted network of nine Job Brokers, a specialist In-Work Partner and numerous ‘Knowledge Bank’ specialist organisations. We have chosen top-performing Job Brokers from the public, private and voluntary sectors to deliver the customer journey to all Work Programme customers in this region. Skilled frontline advisors at each Job Broker co-design every customer’s individual journey from worklessness into sustained employment.

Our Job Brokers in this area are:

  • Bolton Council
  • Cheshire Training Associates
  • Inspire2Independence
  • Remploy
  • Rochdale Employment Links
  • Wise Ability
  • Work Solutions
  • DEAF

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