G4S Employment Support Services


Our vision is to support people into sustained employment using our unique delivery model and expert supply chain of over 100 organisations. G4S aims to do this by subcontracting all frontline delivery to the very best partners, whether these are large national providers or smaller local organisations. We believe that this model will assist more people into lasting jobs than any other.

Our network of Delivery Partners consists of:

Job Brokers: these Brokers are the expert frontline providers that act as the first point of contact for customers sent to G4S on the Work Programme. They are a mixture of public, private and voluntary sector organisations.

Knowledge Bank: This comprises of specialist organisations that have the capability to break down specific barriers that some jobseekers may be facing in their journey towards employment.

In-Work Support: Once a jobseeker enters employment, we offer them on-going support to ensure that they remain in work.

Placement Brokers: They are specialist organisations that will generate work experience placements for jobseekers and provide intensive employment support throughout their time on Community Work Placements. They are a mixture of private, public and voluntary sector organisations.

Placement Hosts: These organisations provide opportunities for jobseekers on Community Work Placements to undertake work experience that benefits their local community.

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G4S also ensures that we are consulting and working alongside the best Strategic Partners to strengthen and add value to our services. This includes working with local councils and other key stakeholders to provide the best service possible.

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“I wasn’t painted with the same brush as any other unemployed person and I definitely gained in confidence.”

– Work Programme customer at City Works