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By operating a 100% subcontracted delivery model, G4S ensures that there are no incentives to directly deliver services where they could better be delivered by someone else. The past decade of welfare-to-work delivery has demonstrated that where providers directly deliver services, either they do not subcontract effectively or they only subcontract the very hardest-to-help jobseekers at a payment rate well below what is needed to support those individuals. By operating a pure prime contractor model, we separate self-interest from selecting the best organisations to meet jobseeker needs.

Our delivery model itself is unique within the industry and is made up of three types of partner organisations:

‘Job Brokers’: the first point of contact for customers referred to G4S.  Job brokerage is necessary for finding an individual employment and encompasses activities such as: identifying realistic job goals; building motivation; writing CVs and application forms; benefit calculations; and cold-calling employers.  Job Brokers are also responsible for supporting jobseekers for the first 13-26 weeks of employment.

‘Knowledge Bank’: our Knowledge Bank is the second layer of support that we provide. Many people will require specialist support in addition to job brokerage to secure employment.  This intervention will vary between jobseekers but may include: debt and housing advice; drug and alcohol rehabilitation; self-employment support; and mental health or disability support.  We provide this support by directly funding a ‘Knowledge Bank’ of local and national organisations – many of which are from the voluntary sector.

We recognise that, while Job Brokers are very good at helping an individual to find and sustain work up to 13 or 26 weeks, they sometimes have less experience in helping individuals stay in work past this time. We know that many individuals will require additional in-work support, provided by specialist In-Work Partners, to sustain and progress in work. The type of support will vary according to individual needs but may include: career advice; in-work training; mentoring; and mediation with employers.

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