G4S Employment Support Services

Strategic Partners

G4S Employment Support Services believes our contracted provision represents an extraordinary opportunity to increase the effectiveness of welfare-to-work programmes in the UK. The size and scale of these contracts offers successful prime contractors the opportunity to link up existing provision across sectors to provide a more holistic service to jobseekers. For this to be fully realised, G4S ESS are committed to working closely with our stakeholders to build on and develop existing strategic partnerships. G4S ESS values input from strategic organisations at each stage of our delivery model, which is why we regularly invite our strategic partners to work with G4S ESS and help us provide high-quality services to jobseekers.

Working Together

Engagement with stakeholders needs to happen at different levels from national to community based organisations. G4S ESS has been building stakeholder relationships in the industry over the past five years and is accelerating this work through our regional teams. Our solutions for Work Programme, Community Work Placements, ESF Families provision and our supervised job search provisions in each area are heavily influenced by the stakeholders that we are talking to, which ensures alignments with existing policy and provision.

Prime contractors should share the responsibility of driving the economic recovery with regional stakeholders, and this is best achieved if we have close working relationships.

Our provisions presents an opportunity to link in with other services including health, skills, housing and childcare. G4S ESS work with stakeholders to create diverse supply chains containing organisations from the public, private and voluntary sectors.

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“We are very pleased to co-locate with Pertemps People Development Group (PPDG) and Pinnacle People. It has enabled us to have a closer working relationship with them and enhanced the service we both give to our Customers to the benefit of everyone.”

– Helen James, Manager of Jobcentre Plus in Hastings